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2.5" LCD Wired Remote Control Live View Finder for DSLR
2.5" LCD Wired Remote Control Live View Finder for DSLR

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product id: CAMC00002

This wired live view remote control is a brand new product, which is designed to provide remote live video from the camera’s viewfinder in a 2.5" high-definition LCD screen.

It is easy for you to shoot a variety of images which is difficult to observe through the ocular.

A LiveView remote for a DSLR camera is a new cutting-edge concept, which expands functional boundaries for professional, as well as amateur photographers.

It can be used as regular wired remote for DSLRs. What’s more, this liveview remote provides a remote view into the DSLR, so you can see the exact image within the DSLR’s viewfinder.

This enables you to view the image of what the camera is pointed at, and at the necessary moment release the shutter to capture the picture.

Therefore, it can be applied for doing various photography :

1. Sport Photography
-- You can set your camera behind the goal net, at the same time taking photos of the middle field.
2. Nature Photography
-- You can set your camera in an open spot, not disturbing wild animals with Your presence.
3. Family photography
-- You can make snap shots, capturing the moments filled with surprise and naturalness.
4. Aerial photography
-- It may also be useful for AP (where people hang a camera from an aircraft, kite or a mast), as the video feed will allow you to easily see where the camera is pointing.
5. Marco photography
-- shoot a variety of images, such as Flowers which is difficult to observe through the ocular.
6. Self photography
-- You can take a photo yourself and view by yourself.

Function of Live View Finder :

1. Real-timer Shutter :
-- This remote shutter release can be used as a general one, and you can press the round shutter button to make the camera focus and take photoes, which can be finished perfectly even if its battery is dead.
2. BULB Shooting Mode :
-- Set the camera's shutter time as BULB, and now you can press the BULB button. At this time the camera's shutter will open. When you think the camera's exposure time is enough, press the BULB button again to close the camera shutter, and then you can get the required photographs.
3. Continuous Shooting Function :
-- Select the Continuous Shooting as the camera's shooting mode. At this time, you can press the continuous shooting button and then based on your instruction of continuous shooting, the camera will make the continuous shooting of five photos. (Note: the continuous shooting signals issued by remote control include a focus time, and if focus fails, it will not make the continuous shooting, or the amount of shooting will be less than 5 photos. If the camera is set into manual focus, it will ensure the continuous shooting with five photos.)
4. 2s Time-lapse Shooting :
-- When using the function of 2s time-lapse shooting, simply press the 2s button, and the camera will take photos after 2 seconds. (Note: 2s time-lapse shooting includes focus time, and if focus fails during this period, the camera will automatically abandon this operation after 2 seconds. If the camera is set into manual focus, it will ensure the 2s time-lapse shooting.)
5. Visual Remote Viewing Shutter :
-- This function requires your camera to support real-time viewing. Start the camera's real-time viewing function, and at this time the image on the camera's screen will be transmitted to the remote controller, and you can also see the real-time viewing image by hand-holding the visual remote control. When you are satisfied with the effect of scenery, press the shutter button to take beautiful photos.

The Shutter Connecting Cord is designed in 4 types for the following various Camera MODELs (please notify us which shutter connecting cord you would like to get when you purchase it) :

Type 1A (C3A):
==> suitable for Canon - EOS 1V, EOS 3, EOS 1D / 1DS / 1DS (MK II) / 1DS (MK III), EOS D30 / D60 ; EOS 10D / 20D / 30D / 40D / 50D / 5D ;
Type 1B (C3B):
==> suitable for Canon - EOS 5D (MK II) ;
Type 1C (C3C):
==> suitable for Canon - EOS 7D ;
Type 2A (C1A):
==> suitable for Canon - EOS 30 / 300 / 50 ; EOS 300D / 350D / 400D / 450D / 500D / 550D / 1000D ;
==> suitable for CONTAX - N / 645 ;
==> suitable for PENTAX - ISTD / istDL / ist / MZ-6 / ZX-L / MZ-L / K10D / K20D / K100D / K100DL ;
==> suitable for samsung - GX-1L / GX-1S ;
Type 2B (C1B):
==> suitable for Canon - EOS 550D ;
Type 3 (N1):
==> suitable for Nikon - F6 / F5 / F90 / F90X / F100 / D1 / D1H / D1X / D2 / D2H / D2X / D3 / D3X / D100 / D200 / D300 / D700 / D300S ;
==> suitable for FUJIFILM - S3Pro / S5Pro ;
==> suitable for Kodak - DSC-14N ;
Type 4 (N3):
==> suitable for Nikon - D90 / D5000 .


Power Source :
Rechargeable Lithium Battery (BL-5C, 3.7V)
Input of AC Charger Adapter :
100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
Output of AC Charger Adapter :
5V 1A
Size of Live View (L x W x H) :
115mm X 63mm X 16.5mm / 4.5" X 2.5" X 0.69"
Length of Shutter / Video Connect Cord :
>1950mm / > 6.3 feets
Net Weight of Live View :
98.5g (0.22lbs / 492ct) (battery included)
Net Weight of Shutter / Video Connect Cord :
51g (0.11lbs / 256ct)
Compatible to :
reference to above tables
Packing Weight :
~340g ( 0.75lbs / 1707ct)

Items Included:

Wired Remote Control Live View with 2.5" LCD Screen X 1pc
Rechargeable BL-5C 3.7V Lithium Battery X 1pc
Shutter/Video Connect Cable X 1pc
AC Wall Charger X 1pc

The shipping time is in about 7-14 working days. The shipping ways is in registered normal Airmail (tracking number will be provided by Hong Kong Post Office)


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