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12,000mAh Advanced Solar Battery Charger for Notebook, Laptop, Netbook, iPad, iPhone 4
12,000mAh Advanced Solar Battery Charger for Notebook, Laptop, Netbook, iPad, iPhone 4

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This item is NEW portable multi-functional Solar Mobile Power Station (Solar Charger) with 12,000mAh Lithium Battery. It is the device of transferring the sun light power into electrical power. This solar rechargeable lithium ion battery has a large capacity of 12,000mAh. With it's solar charging function you can bring it anywhere for supporting your Notebook, iPad, iPhone 4, Cell Phone, Printer etc....

Under intellectual adaptable patented technology, it can adjust the different voltage and the electric current. So, it is mainly developed for laptop power. Moreover, five independent output voltage lines, it can charge different digital products, almost covering 90% of digital products. Also it brings convenience to people when in business trip, travelling, long-distance rides in a carriage and ship and the wild work when processing emergency power supply. It is safety, good compatibility, large capacity, small volume, long life, a perfect good.

- stability: Use import high quality environmental protection lithium-ion electricity core, it can be used for more than 300 circulation times of charging and discharging. The discharging transfer efficiency is more than 80%. It can keep a long time to charge and discharge with steady performance.

- the standard process of charing power: Precharge, CC, CV, Recharge

- Intelligence: Intelligent design, has protection for over charger, over release, over current and short-circuit. Its protection battery has the function of checking the state of its power, safety ouput port can be automatically locked at the propriate time.

- Portability: Personalized design; Five different standalone output ports make the operation simplified, and avoid pressing wrong keys by mistake.

- Usability: Universal suits and allocation, that is practical and convenient, which meet the need of charging different kinds of digital products and help to improve its using efficiency.

- Environmental protection: Using this solar energy environmental solar panel to transfer solar into power and then the power is stored in the inside lithium battery. It is environment production and small hand for your digital products when you are in long journey or touism.

- Discharging output: 7 output ports: five DC ports and two USB sockets, but five output working at most at the same time, three DC (12V-19V oiutput ports can not be working at the same time) and two USB sockets, please note that the greatest output power is only 70W, if the output power excess 70W, the DC oupt port inserting in the later time will be automatically closed down.

- Automattically turned off without a load: If there is no load (such as difital products) working with it within two minutes, the charger will automattically turned off, and go to sleep state, so that the battery will be in static power consumption, ensuring its stand-by-time.

- If inserting power when the charger power is in the powering off state, USB socket will have output, DC port has no output, the LED shows red state, and the charging state LEDs will work in a rolling way. When it is charged power in a corresponding state, the corresponding power degree LED will stop rolling. If the charger has full power, five LED will working at the same time and they will all stop rolling. if inserting power when the charger is in the powering on state, the LED show yellow state, and the charging state LEDs will work in a rolling way, DC port and USB will output at the same time.

So, this Notebook Solar Battery Power Station is the ideal backup power supply for business trip, travelling, long distance journey or wildness working.


Solar Panel : 4.5W, 18V, 280mA
Max. Output Power : 70W
DC input during charging : DC 16V - 24V
DC ouput during discharging : USB: 5.5V, USB 5 PIN (mini USB): 5.0V, DC: 9V, 10.5V, 12V, 16V, 19V
Output current in different Voltage output : 5V/700mA; 5.5/700mA; 9V/1A; 11.1V/2A; 12V/3A; 16V/3A; 19V/3A.
Built-in Battery Type : Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
Capacity of built-in Lithium Battery : 12,000mAh
Material of Cover Shell : ABS Fire protection Plastic Material
Static State Consumption : Very Low
Stand-by Time : Very Long
Input Voltage of AC power adaptor : AC 100V - 240V
Temperature : -10°C - 50°C
Weight of Solar Power Station :

~336g ( 1680ct )

Input Connection :

DC Ø4.0

Output Connection : DC Ø3.5, USB & mini USB connection
Diameter of Connecters for connecting different device : (A): Int. Dia.: 1.50mm ; Ext. Dia.: 6.50mm
(B): Int. Dia.: 3.00mm ; Ext. Dia.: 6.50mm -- for Toshiba Common Item (Toshiba) AC Adapter
(C): Int. Dia.: 2.50mm ; Ext. Dia.: 5.50mm -- for ASUS Common Item (Asus) AC Adapter, Gateway Common Item (Gateway) AC Adapter, Toshiba Common Item (Toshiba) AC Adapter, Delta Electronics ADP-65HB BB AC Adapter, Lenovo Common Item (Lenovo) AC Adapter, LITE-ON PA-1131-08 AC Adapter
(D): Int. Dia.: 2.00mm ; Ext. Dia.: 5.50mm
(E): Int. Dia.: 1.70mm ; Ext. Dia.: 5.50mm -- for Delta Electronics ADP-65JH DB AC Adapter
(F): Int. Dia.: 1.70mm ; Ext. Dia.: 4.80mm -- for HP Common Item (HP) AC Adapter
(G): Int. Dia.: 1.70mm ; Ext. Dia.: 4.00mm -- for HP Common Item (HP) AC Adapter & SONY PSP
(H): Int. Dia.: 1.00mm ; Ext. Dia.: 3.50mm -- for Nokia Cell Phone
(I): iPhone / iPad plug -- for Apple iPod, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 etc....
(J): Sony Ericsson plug -- for most Sony Errison Cell Phone etc....
(K): Int. Dia.: 0.70mm ; Ext. Dia.: 2.00mm -- for Nokia Cell Phone
(L): iPhone / iPad plug -- for Apple iPod, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 etc....
(M): Motorola Plug -- for some motorola Cell Phones
(N): Samsung plug -- for some Samsung Cell Phones
(O): Siemens plug -- for some Siemens Cell Phones
(P): LG plug -- for some LG Cell Phones
(Q): mini USB plug -- for some new CellPhone, such as Blackberry...
(R): micro USB plug -- for most new CellPhone, such as HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone, Sony Ericsson Vivaz etc....
Size of Solar Power Station : 245 mm (L) X 102 mm (W) X 35 mm (H) / 9" 5/8' (L) X 4" (W) X 1" 3/8' (H)
Weight of Solar Power Station : 632g / 1.39lbs / 3162ct
Color Available : White or Black
Packing Weight : ~1585g / 3.49lbs / 7930 ct )

Items Included:

12,000mAh Solar Battery Power Station X 1pc
AC power adaptor X 1
cable X 2pcs
above plug adaptors for Cell Phones, Notebooks X 1set



The shipping time is in about 7-14 working days. The shipping ways is in registered normal Airmail (tracking number will be provided by Hong Kong Post Office)

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