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3x Right Angle Finder for Canon 5D MKII 550D 7D t2i
Do you have difficulties looking through the view finder when shooting at low angle or waist level? Do you want to make manual focusing eaiser and more accurate?
List Price: $79.43
Price: $70.38
50.33 EUR 43.79 GBP 71.08 AUD
4200mAh 4pcs Powerful Professional & Adjustable LED Video Light
This LED Light Flash Unit is powered by 4 pieces powerful LED. It is different with standard flash unit as it can provide continuous lighting and it will be still low temperature even using continuously as the LEDs are low temperature luminary.
List Price: $108.56
Price: $96.59
69.08 EUR 60.10 GBP 97.56 AUD

48pcs LED Macro Ring Lighting Flash Unit SLR DSLR Canon
This Macro Ring Lighting Unit is powered by 48 pieces powerful LED. Its specially designed ring shape is great for macro photography (close-up). This lighting unit provide a continuous lighting (not flashing) and it still low temperature even using continuously as the LEDs are low temperature luminary. The continuous lighting also let you easy to handle exposure.
List Price: $54.15
Price: $47.91
34.26 EUR 29.81 GBP 48.39 AUD
4pcs Aluminium Heat Sinks for Li-Po Battery, ESC, UBEC
4pcs of Aluminium Heat Sinks for your ESC or Battery. This package includes 4pcs of Aluminium Heat Sinks and 4pcs of adjustable strings as shown in the picture. It is good for working with battery & ESC.
List Price: $4.12
Price: $3.43
2.45 EUR 2.13 GBP 3.46 AUD

5.5V 100mA Solar Panel - Solar Chargers, Robot, Gilders
Portable mobile Solar Panel in 5.5V 100mA 0.55W. It is important electric parts for transferring the sun light power into electrical power for your application. This Solar Panel can transfer the sun energy into electrical energy by connecting to your rechargeable batteries or electric current. It is good accessories for building or restructuring your digital devices, such as Robot Dog, RC Gliders & Boats etc. It can work with another solar panel in order to provide larger output DC voltage and current by series connection or parallel connection.
List Price: $6.42
Price: $5.50
3.93 EUR 3.42 GBP 5.56 AUD
500mAh Solar Powered Laser Pointer Pen with LED Light
Portable Solar Powered Laser Pen with Powerful LED Light. It is good tool for presentation in your company or school.
List Price: $26.07
Price: $22.91
16.38 EUR 14.25 GBP 23.14 AUD

50wh Mobile Power Universal Extended Battery Pack 3450
50wh Mobile Power Universal Extended Battery Pack is just one battery to power and charge most of your portable devices! With this Battery Pack, you carry a single lightweight rechargeable battery to extend the play time on your portable DVD player, digital camera, notebook computer, camcorder, MP3 player and more.
List Price: $103.10
Price: $91.68
65.56 EUR 57.04 GBP 92.60 AUD
52mm Professional Snap-On White Balance Lens Cap
The White Balance lens cap all-in-one-snag-free, lens cap and white balance system is an easy-to-use solution for consistent white balance regardless of lighting source. Contrary to technology, AWB cannot solve every image lighting and color issue, especially under typical mixed light situations. The White Balance lens cap is the simper, smart, functional solution, perfect for everyone from professional to amateur. It replaces your lens cap and even works with a hood attached.
List Price: $6.88
Price: $5.91
4.23 EUR 3.68 GBP 5.97 AUD

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